Hi, my name is Winston Riley IV but my friends call me Rex I have been doing computer related work using the name Wonder Dog Programs or Wonder Dog Productions (WDP) since 1982. (See the original wonder dog here.)

In 1995 I began writing web pages and in 2003 I started selling my web design services to individuals and organizations.

In addition to web design, I have written several programs that have been released to the public, and created scores of animation both 2D and 3D.

I am a confirmed computer geek who enjoys spending my 'free time' playing on my computer. I wrote my first program in 1974 before the advent of Windows, DOS, or even the desktop computer or PC. I have been employed as a programmer, systems operator, network administrator, and repair shop manager.

I live in Westminster Maryland with my wife, three children, and one cat, all of whom keep me happy and busy.