PowerPoint Jeopardy
PowerPoint Jeopardy is designed by a teacher for teachers to use in classrooms of all ages.

PowerPoint Jeopardy is a great and exciting way to review your content in a way that students really love and get excited about.

PowerPoint Jeopardy looks just like the game show but has been modified for classroom use.

Click on a category and the answer will be displayed. Then click on the screen and the correct student response will be displayed. This allows everyone in the room to know what the response should be. Click on the button and you are brought back to the game board.

PowerPoint Jeopardy is EASY TO EDIT

Anyone can create their own game. All you need to do is to edit text in a PowerPoint presentation. The program handles the rest. You can create your own customized game that fits your class and curriculum.

PowerPoint Jeopardy FEATURES
  • Sounds from the game
  • Regular and Final Jeopardy
  • Daily Doubles
  • Game board numbers blank once selected
    Instruction on how to create a new PowerPoint Jeopardy game, how to play PowerPoint Jeopardy, and FAQ are all available within each game.
    • Click to choose daily double placement.
    • Turn on/off sounds individually.
    • Blank or don't blank game board buttons.
    • Lock or don't lock game board buttons.
    • Show or don't show questions.

    Yet another program from Wonder Dog Programs.

    Office 2000 and Office XP PowerPoint versions do not ask me if I want to 'enable macros' and the buttons on the game board do not work.

    You need to set your security levels to 'medium' in PowerPoint. Select tools, Macros, Security to bring up the correct dialog box.

    Does PowerPoint Jeopardy work on the Mac?

    At this time PowerPoint Jeopardy uses an Activex control which is only available on a windows machine. In the near future I hope to find a work around. Drop me an e-mail with your name and e-mail and I will let you know when such a version becomes available.

    You may download PowerPoint Jeopardy for free.
    Do you like PowerPoint Jeopardy? My students do. They really get excited about playing it.

    Please consider sending back a completed game that you have developed for your class. If we get enough response to this we will be able to create a PowerPoint Jeopardy exchange section on this site. This will be up to teachers like you.

    Just send an e-mail to jeopardy@wonderdogprograms.com with the PowerPoint (.ppt) as an attachment to your e-mail. Please include your name, and class subject and level in which you are using your game, and any other useful information you might think of. And thanks for using PowerPoint Jeopardy.

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