Welcome to the temporary home of the phpAlumni scripts.

phpAlumni is a system that allows any school or organization to have a section on their web site that dynamically manages the group's alumni. This is accomplished by using the php server side scripting language and the mySQL database system. Together these two entities are able to provide fast, reliable, and dynamic content to your web site.

Planned Features:

  • Fully automated.
  • Configuration and management can be controlled through web browser (no programing needed.)
  • User management including regular, moderator, and administrator status.
  • Register new users automatically by uses E-mail validation.
  • Displays E-mail and mailing address controlled by each member.
  • Ability for each member to edit their own information.
  • Reunion coordination and announcements.
  • Forgotten password feature.
  • Much more. . .

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